Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kim Bum becomes a fighter in "Dream", Leaving "Boys before Flowers" behind

Actor Kim Beom is changing himself from "Boys before Flowers" to "Fighter".

Kim Beom is playing the role of
fighter Lee Jang-seok in SBS new drama "Dream". He is taking several fighting scenes in G studio of SBS production center located in Keong Ki Do until 5:00 pm on 10 August.

Since Kim Beom practices sparring before filming for a long time, PD Park of drama "Dream" praises him as hard working actor and his performance is so much like Rocky which is very professional.

The production team provides two sparring teaching assistants to Kim Beom to help his acting. During the filming on 10 August, Kim Beom performed fighting scene as sparring partner with his coach and playing with cross counter which received incredible positive reviews.

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  1. ilove u oppa saranghae !!!! <3<3 u are the best !!!!!!!



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