Monday, May 3, 2010

Lee Junki joins the army

The day has finally arrived as actor Lee Junki leaves his acting career behind for the military training grounds.

After the sudden announcement last week, Lee Junki enlisted himself at the Nonsan Military Training Center on May 3rd where he bidded farewell to fans and the media.

He greeted everyone at the entrance of the
training center with his new buzz cut hairstyle, which was only done yesterday afternoon.

He wanted to show his will to do well in the army and also did a photoshoot after his haircut. It will be released to fans in the June issue of W, as some form of consolation for not leaving them with any movies or dramas.

Lee Junki said sorry to his fans again for leaving so abruptly and promised to return in good health and repay them with better works in future.

He will begin his five weeks of basic military training before serving his two years as an active soldier. He will return on February 16th, 2012 as a civilian.



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