Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inoue Mao Wishes to 'Leap' like a Rabbit

Celebrating her birthday on the 9th this month, actress Inoue Mao filmed scenes for the upcoming NHK asadora Ohisama on the 7th. Her co-stars from the drama celebrated the occasion with her on set.

Ohisama is currently filming indoors at the NHK Shibuya studio. While Inoue was filming a classroom scene, she was suddenly surprised when
a birthday cake was wheeled out in front of her. As this year is the year of the rabbit, and Inoue's year of birth also happens to fall on the same zodiac sign which occurs once every 12 years, her cake was decorated with 24 chocolate rabbits. Acting as classmates in the drama, actresses Mitsushima Hikari (25) and Maiko (25) both exclaimed "kawaii!" when they saw the cake. Being born under the sign of the rabbit, Inoue promises to work hard this year and hopes to make a 'big leap' just like her counterpart.

Mao said happily, “As ‘Toshionna’, I want to take larger steps like a rabbit!”

The actress posed for some pictures with her castmates, Mitsushima Hikari and Maiko, before they sat down to devour the cake.

Ohisama begins March 28th and will run weekday mornings at 8:00 a.m.

[T/N: Mao is technically born in the year of the tiger, as her birthday falls between February 9, 1986 - January 28, 1987. However, most people will consider the entire year to fall under the year of the rabbit.]

Happy 24th birthday to Inoue Mao! 

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