Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oguri Shun and Inoue Mao discuss their new CM and congratulate Tanaka Kei on his marriage

On September 1st, actress Inoue Mao (24) and actor Oguri Shun appeared at a press conference in Tokyo for their new NTT West CM. The pair congratulated friend and fellow actor Tanaka Kei (27) on his marriage, which took place on August 31st. (Tanaka also appeared at the press conference for the CM.)

In their new CM, Oguri plays the role of a young man who takes on the
challenge of cooking. Inoue revealed, “Although it is Oguri-san who often plays the role of a hot-blooded man or a narcissist, his role in the CM this time is quite refreshing. Please anticipate the CM.”

Inoue, who plays the heroine in NHK Asa’s TV drama series novel “Ohisama,” sent a message of congratulations to Tanaka, who plays the role of her older brother in the series. She stated, “As your ’sister,’ I am happy for you.” Oguri, who is in the same agency as Tanaka, also expressed his happiness for Tanaka’s marriage and smiled bitterly when asked about his own wedding plans. Their new CM aired on September 2nd in west Japan.

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