Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kim Kibum changes stage name to ‘Allen’ for Japanese solo promotions

Former U-KISS member Kim Kibum has revealed that he’ll be starting solo promotions in Japan under the new name, ‘Allen‘.

On September 10th, Kibum will be greeting his Japanese fans for the first time at the ‘K-Pop Music Festival 2011 in Kagoshima‘ as an MC for the concert. He’s planning to show off his
Japanese language skills, which he’s been honing for some time now.

Kibum stated, “I’m excited and looking forward to meeting my fans in Japan. I have experience MCing in Korea but it’s my first time for a K-Pop festival in Japan, so I’m determined to do well. There’s a bit of pressure since I have to speak Japanese, but I’ll be working hard to make sure I don’t make any mistakes.”

He continued, “My English name was ‘Allen Kim’ so I changed my stage name to simply show who I am. I’m using this name change as an opportunity to start anew.”

Kibum is currently spending busy days traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan for his musical, ‘Kizuna‘.

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