Sunday, May 19, 2013

4Minute Reveals On How They Make Decisions As a Group

On May 18, 4minute made a guest appearance on SBS‘s “Star King” and revealed how they make decisions as a group.

The performers on the show that day included the gifted and well-coordinated piano sisters who used chopsticks to create a beautiful melody. After seeing them perform, HyunA asked, “While performing together, you’re bound to have a
difference in opinion – how do you resolve them and work together?”

MC Kang Ho Dong then turned the question over to them saying, “Well, how does 4Minute make group decisions?” to which HyunA replied, “No matter what, we’ll always go with what the majority wants. If we can’t establish a majority of votes, then we settle things with rock-paper-scissors.” 

MC Kang Ho Dong then joked while playing rock-paper-scissors, “I win. Your next title track will be called, ‘Boom Up!’” causing everyone to laugh. 

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