Monday, September 5, 2011

Oguri Shun gives his thoughts on “Dokurojo no Shichinin” at his rehearsal

On September 4th, Oguri Shun (28) and Moriyama Mirai (27) attended their stage rehearsal for their starring play for Gekidan☆Shinkansen’s “Dokurojo no Shichinin” at Aoyama Theatre in Tokyo.

As for this play, this was first performed in 1990 and is performed every seven years ever since as
a tradition – this will be its fourth time.

Oguri, who will be acting in a lot of fighting scenes on this stage, said, “Since stage performance progresses every day, I want to enjoy this daily evolution.” On the other hand, Moriyama said, “I want to do this with large amount of energy.”

Other than Oguri and Moriyama, the cast for this play includes Saotome Taichi, Koike Eiko, Katsuji Ryo, and Naka Riisa.

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