Monday, September 5, 2011

Sasaki Nozomi to sing the new ending theme song for “Beelzebub”

Model/actress Sasaki Nozomi (23) will soon be releasing her 3rd single, “Papepipu ♪ Papipepu ♪ Papepipupo ♪”, which will also be used as the upcoming ending theme song for anime “Beelzebub” as well.

‘Beelzebub’ will begin airing its new theme song on October 2nd, three weeks before the song becomes available as a single. Sasaki’s choreography is still in the making, but it’s said to become a
hit routine like Ashida Mana’s and Suzuki Fuku’s “MaruMoriDance” from their song, “Maru-Maru-Mori-Mori!”.

“Papepipu ♪ Papipepu ♪ Papepipupo ♪” has been described to be a rhythmic song expressing the feelings of a girl who aims to be a cheerful and strong woman. Sasaki expressed her confidence in the catchy tune by saying, “This is my first theme song, so I am really happy. [I believe] the simplicity of ‘Papepipu ♪ Papipepu ♪ Papepipupo ♪’ makes it catchy and one might even hum to the song without knowing it.”

Representatives from the ‘Beelzebub’ anime said, “Since it’s a happy song which you can easily dance to, we plan to implement the dance choreography into the anime as well.”

Sasaki made her debut as a singer last October with “Kamu to Funyan feat. Astro”, whose dance was made popular through her CM for Lotte gum’s “Fit’s”. Like her debut song, she hopes that, “Children will dance and sing along with it when they hear it.”

This single is set for release on October 26th.

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