Sunday, April 3, 2011

Netizens envious of Kim Tae Hee’s trainer

Fans have been expressing their anger over Kim Tae Hee’s trainer, who appeared in MBC’s Celebrity Biography, ‘Tae Hee’s Rediscovery‘ on April 1st.

On the broadcast, Kim Tae Hee’s trainer helped the star stretch her body as well as
straighten her posture by touching her legs and waist directly.

Although helping a client with exercising is a natural duty for any trainer, certain fans have been angered at the fact that he got to touch Kim Tae Hee’s body without any restrictions.

Fans angrily commented, “How could you touch our Tae Hee goddess?“, and “You’re officially our public number one enemy starting today“.

While other male fans showed their envy at the trainer, stating, “I want to be Kim Tae Hee’s trainer“, “He’s a true winner“, “I’m losing if I’m envious“.

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